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Donating to The Sentencing

Thank you so much for your support! A donation of any size goes a long way to funding the mission of Resource-Based Sentencing and Supervision.


Thank you for your donation!

Where Your Money Is Going

The Sentencing Foundation exercises full transparency with the allocation of funds. We sincerely appreciate all contributions and feel that it is your right, as a donor, to be fully aware of how your contribution is utilized.

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50% of all funds are earmarked to give out to grants for small efficacious resources run by formerly incarcerated individuals. 25% go to certified judges, who will have the ability to give out gap resources. The remaining 25% goes towards expenses and payroll for The Sentencing Foundation.


* A “gap-resource” refers to resources needed to close the gap between the existing TSF nonprofit resources and those existing TSF for-profit resources that are required to assist defendants in completing all comprehensive sentence conditions.

501 (C) (3 ) Tax Form

Once you have submitted your donation, you will get a confirmation email; please allow a few minutes for it to process. If you would like to fill out a 501 (C) (3) tax form please download the provided file and email it back to us at

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