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Intern With The Sentencing Foundation

The Sentencing Foundation offers internships to Undergraduate and Graduate students interesting in contributing towards real change in the criminal justice system. If you are a student looking to get involved, you are invited to fill out an application for an internship position here.


"Working as an intern for The Sentencing Foundation I have been given the opportunity to grow as a criminal justice student and contribute towards real change. Being able to routinely observe court and work in chambers, I have developed a much better understanding of the sentencing and supervision process in criminal courts. Judge Sawyer also ensures that every intern is given the opportunity to pursue meaningful tasks and make a genuine difference."

- Anonymous Intern

"TSF is of great importance to me because it addresses a crucial issue within our justice system, which is the lack of support and resources given to individuals after they have been incarcerated/sentenced. The traditional method of sentencing usually only considers punishment without offering any opportunities for rehabilitation or addressing the underlying causes of the offense. As a result, many people experience feelings of loneliness and abandonment after being released from prison, which makes it challenging for them to reintegrate into society and increases the likelihood of them reoffending.The Resource-Based Sentencing and Supervision model offers a different perspective and solution. It recognizes the importance of actively engaging with the defendant and understanding the root causes of their behavior." 

- Anonymous Intern

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