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Re-Entry Resources

What Types of Resources Are We Looking For?

The Sentencing Foundation organizes networks of cost-free re-entry resources for participating judges’ use, that generally fall under one of the following categories:


  • Mental Health Support

  • Substance Abuse Guidance

  • Educational / Vocational Training

  • Employment and/or Entrepreneurial Opportunities

  • Long-Term and Short-Term Housing Solution Related Services

Resources are provided by participating sentencing/supervising judges during court proceedings, based upon the apparent preventative need. Resources are held accountable for being respectful and responsive, and for delivering the articulated service during periodic status hearings relative to the defendant’s progress.

The undeniable benefit of being involved as a re-entry resource registered with The Sentencing Foundation is the fact that judges will be providing participants and assisting with participant attendance, thus allowing the resource to focus primarily on delivering the service they provide.


If you represent a re-entry resource that is interested in getting involved with The Sentencing Foundation, please see the details below regarding registration. If you feel your re-entry resource does not fit into one of the above categories, but are still interested in participating, please feel free to contact us with details of your organization and how you wish to get involved.

Register With the Sentencing Foundation

If you are an effective and committed re-entry resource with or without your non-profit status, register to become a member with TSF to get connected with available sentencing judges in your service area as well as receive training on how to secure your non-profit status.


Further, if you are a small registered non-profit reentry resources you are also encouraged to apply to become a certified TSF re-entry resource and become eligible to apply for TSF grants upon the opening of grant application opportunities. 


Registration forms can be downloaded below (available both in pdf and docx).

Registration Forms

To submit a registration form, please download one of the forms below and send a completed version to &

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