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Assata Thomas

Resource Outreach Team Leader and Board Member

Assata Thomas, Executive Director of the Office of Reentry Partnerships for the City of Philadelphia. As Executive Director she sets a clear vision and direction for a comprehensive citywide approach to improving reentry outcomes, including the development of partnerships to create a citywide network of services that address a variety of social services needs among individuals returning from incarceration with a goal of reducing recidivism.

Immediately prior to her appointment as Executive Director Ms. Thomas served as Chief Community Justice Officer of the Institute for Community Justice (ICJ), a Program of Philadelphia FIGHT. As Chief, she oversaw the effective execution of ICJ’s aims to provide support, education and advocacy for individuals, families and communities who are impacted by mass incarceration.

Assata has over two decades of experience in the social services field which commenced with her training as a Corrections Officer with the State of New Jersey, during which time she held the distinction of having been the first female President of the Corrections Officers Training Academy of New Jersey. She received a BA Degree with honors in Africana Studies and Urban Studies from Rutgers University and her Masters of Restorative Justice from Vermont Law and Graduate School.

Assata maintains an unflagging commitment to social justice and building a society emancipated from the socially inequitable and profoundly destructive system of mass incarceration; a society where even the most vulnerable communities have equal and unrestricted access to healthcare, to justice and to unqualified protection of their safety and security.

She is a passionate advocate on behalf of those affected by mass incarceration; and, moreover, having lived through the experience of a felony conviction, is uniquely qualified to speak with credibility and authority to the issues facing all who have been affected by the system – such as the challenges faced by returning citizens for a fair chance at social rehabilitation, healthy reintegration back into society and the chance to (re)design their futures and destinies. Ms. Thomas’ personal trajectory and hard-won successes fuel her passion to help others and they offer a concrete and inspiring example for others that, despite the odds, success is possible.

Ms. Thomas has partnered with several grass root organizations rooted in social justice, criminal justice reform and ending death by incarceration. She continues to demonstrate her civic advocacy through Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.

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